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Mott Library Mural

During the fall semester of 2019, I designed and painted a mural with a fellow classmate Danielle Tice. We painted it in a small room in the Library at Mott Community College. The room is going to be a space dedicated for families to enjoy. I have always wanted to paint a mural at least once. I finally received that opportunity my last semester there. I really enjoyed it and am happy to share it with you.

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MCC Library Mural

MCC Library Mural

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Mural Time Lapse

Creative Journey of a Mural

Mural Palette

This is the main palette we decided to use for the piece.

My First Design

We individually created our own mural designs before working together. This was mine.

The Landscape Design

This is the first design of the landscape I did.

Danielle's Modifications

Danielle did her own mock up to add the changes we needed for the design.

Day 1

This day we sketched out the design on the wall.

Day 1 Selfie

Danielle is the one in the front taking the picture. I am the one behind her.

Day 1 Paint

Here we have laid down some paint.

Day 1 Paint Selfie

A celebratory selfie to document the progress we've made.

Day 1 More Paint

At this point it felt really nice to see everything covered.

Day 1 End

This is us at the end of day 1, exhausted, but very satisfied with our progress.

Day 2 Details Begin

Here we worked on adding details to the grass, bluebell field, and clouds.

Day 2 Details Begin

The left side of the mural at the end of that day.

Day 2 Details Begin

The other side of the mural at the end of that day.

Day 2 Selfie

Feeling very tired but satisfied with our work.

Day 2 Picture

Picture taken of us in front of the mural by Jim Shurter our professor.

The Final Look

The left side of the finished mural.

The Final Look

The right side of the finished mural.

The Final Look

A wide view of the mural.

Our Signatures

Here are our signatures. Its so cool to be able to leave a mark like this behind.

Family Room Decorated

Here is the family room all decorated and ready for families to enjoy.

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